Boomerang Dance and Performance Project

BOOMERANG is a fearlessly physical, poetically-nuanced dance and performance project created in 2012 by co-directors Matty Davis and Kora Radella with founding member Adrian Galvin. Recognizing the body as an evolving repository for both physical and psychological life, boomerang sifts through and siphons from the rich, eclectic histories that constitute the personhoods of the people with whom they work. Guided and provoked by Radella’s gifts for idiosyncratic movement invention, unpredictable phrasing, and choreographic skills, boomerang creates unfailingly committed, physically intense, vulnerable explorations of how human histories might be sensitively layered, distorted, and recontextualized so as to yield new movement vocabularies and articulate the complex breadth of intra- and interpersonal relationships. They have been referred to as the “punk Mozarts of dance.”